Our Purpose

We are building an ecosystem to unleash the power of survivor-led innovations that prevent and respond to violence against women and girls.

Women and girls from marginalised, rural communities face countless barriers to accessing safety and justice, discriminated against due to their gender, caste, class, religion, and rurality.  

Against all odds, survivor-led grassroots organizations, centred in marginalised communities, become a beacon of hope for survivors, working hard to prevent and address violence in their communities.

At Parity Lab, we recognise the importance and expertise of survivor-led organizations and help magnify their impact.

Our Approach

Our first-of-its-kind feminist acceleration program nurtures survivor-led organizations addressing gender-based violence.
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survivor- and community-led organisations with innovative solutions to tackle root causes of gender-based violence in marginalised communities

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organizations through capacity building, leadership development, mental health support, and legal counselling.

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survivor- and community-led organisations with peers, mentors, funders and leaders in the space to amplify collective change.

We Drive Impact at Three Levels

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  • Empowerment to understand and address power dynamics
  • Leadership development, building confidence to lead effectively
  • Shaping identity, healing harm, peer support
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  • Infrastructure development
  • Increased funding capacity
  • Cultivating a strong second and third line of leadership
  • Access to global platforms  - OpEds, speaking opportunities, events
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  • Scaling initiatives for broader impact
  • Diversifying programs to meet community needs
  • Collective policy and advocacy efforts for systemic change
A diagram showcasing Parity Lab's impact on three levels: individual, organizational and community. three circles nested within each other, with the Parity Lab Logo at the centre, and the three levels shown on each outer layer, in that order.

Parity Lab empowers:

  1. Individuals through trauma-informed leadership coaching
  2. Organizations through training on strategy, fundraising, communications and more
  3. Communities by increasing survivor-led organizations' scale, access to funds and resources, program diversity, and capacity

"This was my first time learning how to strategise around fundraising even though I have been doing this for yearsl"

Neelam Besra

Founder, Jharkhand Mahila Uthan

"When our videos were posted on social media and went to different organizations our confidence increased that our stories are reaching other people"

Meena Devi

Founder, Sahjani Shiksha Kendra

"This fellowship helped us redefine power dynamics. We learnt that it is possible to create relationships based on friendship and respect with stakeholders who are very different from me. I learnt how to put ourselves in each other's shoes while looking at things from their perspective."

Ranjita PAWAr

Founder, Samarthya

Our Supporters

Our Team

Mathangi Swaminathan

Founder & CEO

Sheela Bowler

Senior Director, Advocacy & Strategic Partnerships

Dr. Sanjyot Pethe

Wellness Associate

Smriti Singh

Associate Program Manager

Shreya Bhadriraju

Conor Kelly

Technology Lead

Mathangi Swaminathan

Parity Lab

Sheela Bowler

Elevate Children Funders Group

Michelle Partogi

Code For America

Jyothi Ravichandran

Mental Health and Psychosocial Support Specialist, UNICEF

Divya Sooryakumar

Vice President of Programs and Impact, Every Mother Counts

Emily Edwards

Senior Director of Portfolio Fundraising Strategies, DRK Foundation

Krishna Dahya

Mid-Career program, Harvard Kennedy School

Stacey Keare

Founder, Girls Rights Project

Vamsee Prateek Gurram

Engagement Manager, McKinsey & Company

Dr. Nora Khalaf-Elledge

Gender and Development Practitioner, University of London