About the Program

We identify women-leaders from marginalized rural communities with an extensive track record and vision for fostering change to prevent or respond to gender-based violence. Parity Lab then provides an embedded support system that provides capacity building, coaching, thought partnership and network-building, for 12 months, and beyond as alumni.

After our acceleration program, survivor-led organizations have developed their :

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Our cohorts developed strategically and gained increased access to capital and resources

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Through trauma-informed coaching, our partners became effective leaders and communicators

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Parity Lab allowed for knowledge and expertise to flow between and within local and global communities

What we provide

The program is for 12 months and support will be tailored to each organization’s specific needs.
The themes of support will be three-fold:
Individual Support
  • Research, data collection and analysis, Theory of Change, Monitoring and Evaluation
Organizational Support
  • Fundraising, Communications, Storytelling, Leadership
Coaching and Community
  • Individualized trauma-informed coaching and mentorship, peer support network

What We Provide

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Strategic Guidance

We are committed to equality and feminism, and stand in solidarity with our partners. We don't just provide workshops, we guide organizations through every step from planning to implementation.

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Mental Health Support

We understand that organizational development thrives when individuals are supported and healing. That's why we offer personalized mental health support for our partner organizations.

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Leadership Training

We know the value of leadership in change. Therefore we prioritize empowering our survivor-led partner organizations to cultivate their leadership abilities, ensuring personal and operational growth.


Is Your organization eligible?
  • Does your organization prevent gender-based violence or address the root causes of gender-based violence?
  • Is the organization beyond the pilot stage and has been active for over two years?
  • Does your organization have active women leadership?
  • Is your organization led by historically marginalized and under-represented groups of people?
  • Does your organization operate in rural areas?
  • If the answer is yes to the above questions, your organization is eligible to apply.

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Meet Our Partners

Ankur Swayamsevi Sanstha
Mobilizing and advocating for the rights of single women
Community mobilization for equitable access to the judicial system
Gram-Chetna Andolan
Training women for local electoral politics and revitalizing rural institutions
Capacity building and education for Denotified Nomadic Tribal children
Cultivating feminist leadership to prevent gender-based violence
Jharkhand Mahila Uthan
Training elected women representatives in panchayats
Engaging men and boys in the fight against patriarchy
Sahjani Shiksha Kendra
Community mobilization against gender-based violence